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Who we are

We are a group of talented individuals who are organized around quite a noble purpose – to advance human communication and collaboration. Idea and knowledge sharing happens everywhere you look – beginning in traditional schools (where knowledge is often passed from teacher to student) and never ending from there as all people continue to learn new things throughout their entire lives. To pass on ideas, you can explain concepts verbally, use handwriting, compose emails, prepare slideshows and so on… but we believe that our tools can do a much better job.

 Why should you join us?

Join our mission to build new ways of knowledge sharing – first because it’s an admirable thing to do and second because it’s a challenging, yet compelling, task to accomplish.
After joining the company you will receive high-end equipment, private healthcare, a Multisport card, and will have the option of becoming a member of the employee stock ownership plan. With Explain Everything you’re not just an employee but a true member of a team.

Current Job Openings

Enterprise Sales Account Executive

Location: United States
Type: Full Time

Technical and Sales Support

Location: Wrocław, Poland
Type: Full Time

JavaScript Developer

Location: Wrocław, Poland
Type: Full Time

Don’t see any open position for you?

We are always looking for talented people. Write us and let us know why you would like to join our team.