March 5th, 2018 by Jakub Mastalerz

What Happened to Explain Everything Classic

What Happened To Explain Everything Classic post thumbnail

The February release of Explain Everything was a major update for both the subscription versions and one-time purchase version (iOS only) of our native apps. In the one-time purchase version, formerly called Explain Everything Classic, we included features previously only available for subscribers (more on that below!). We also changed the name to Explain Everything Whiteboard. These changes were included as a free update for anyone who had ever purchased Explain Everything as a stand-alone app for iOS.

New Project Editing Features

Pencil style – The Draw Tool now has an additional drawing style – the Pencil. With a realistic graphite look, the Pencil comes with 4 grades and takes advantage of pressure sensitivity and tilt sensors when using Apple’s Pencil for shading and a natural feel. Tap Style and Options under the pen icon in the Draw Tool menu to change the drawing style.

Ruler – Toggle an on-screen, movable ruler to help you draw perfectly straight lines. Tap the Draw Tool, tap Style and Options (the pen icon), and enable the ruler by tapping its icon. Learn more about the Ruler.

Bucket Fill – Fill closed drawings and other objects on the stage with color! Paint Bucket Fill lets you quickly and easily fill outlined areas with a color selected in the Color Picker. The fill will be added as a layer and automatically grouped with the outline.

Cutout Tool – Select a part of the canvas and create a copy of it as a new, separate, flattened object. Comes with 3 selection modes: Rectangular, Lasso, and Precise to match your needs. Tap on the Cutout Tool while selected to change the selection mode.

Clipart Library – Access a library of high quality images of everything from backgrounds and architecture to food, people, and animals. Create your own clipart with the Inspector’s “Save as Clipart” and reuse them anytime. Learn more about the Clipart library.

Export part of the Timeline as GIF or Video – Select a part of the Timeline and share it quickly as GIF or Video. Open the Timeline, tap and hold to start a selection, then choose Export as GIF or Export as Video to share the selected part in an instant. Learn more about exporting as GIF.

Video Overlay in Add Media – Add a streaming video to your slides simply by providing the URL. The video frame will appear in the top right hand corner of your screen and it can be hidden. This way, when you share your project with someone, they will be able to play the Video Overlay without having to switch slides (or apps) to know what they might do with the project. Since it’s a streaming video, it requires internet access to be viewed. The video overlay will not be recorded or exported when exporting to video or PDF. You can use links to videos saved on Explain Drive, Youtube, Dropbox, and more.

All cloud-based features of Explain Everything such as Explain Drive storage, quick Web Video Link sharing, cloud video compression, and real-time collaboration are Subscription-only. Try them all for free for 30 days by downloading Explain Everything.

The Name Change: From “Classic” to “Whiteboard”

With the update to editing features we felt like keeping Classic in the name wouldn’t fully represent the possibilities of the app. Since the App formerly known as Explain Everything Classic is focused on the personal, on-device whiteboarding experience we decided to rename it to Explain Everything Whiteboard.

If you haven’t yet, download the free update here.