March 8th, 2018 by Sean

Google Classroom Integrated with Explain Everything

Google Classroom

Did you know that Explain Everything is fully integrated with Google Classroom? You’re able to turn in assignments as videos or upload them as posts right from Explain Everything!

When you’re ready to export your video simply tap Export -> Video -> Google Classroom. This will cause your project to compress into a video. Then Google Classroom will open and you can choose the appropriate class and assignment and attach your Explain Everything video. It can also simply be added as a post!

Google Classroom integrated with Explain Everything on Chromebooks


If you’re on an iOS device, Google Classroom will have to be turned on as a sharing option. To do this, after choosing Video, scroll through the export options to the right until you see More. Tap it and then tap Google Classroom’s slider to turn it on. Tap done and then choose Google Classroom!

Google Classroom integrated with Explain Everything on iOS