Final Argument Tutorials

How to connect a cloud source

This is a tutorial for Final Argument, explaining how to connect to a cloud source. Final Argument allows you to access your files stored in Dropbox, Box, Evernote, Google Drive or WebDav.

Create a presentation from existing materials

This video tutorial shows how to create a presentation from pre-existing content (such as a PDF document). The video shows also how Bates stamps can be added to the slides.

Explain slides using the whiteboard

This tutorial shows whiteboard capabilities of Final Argument. Each slide can be modified or annotated before and during the presentation. Using advanced capabilities of Final Argument user can manipulate slide contents (as individual objects), join objects in groups, change their order, duplicate or use copy&paste. Tutorial also displays how to use unlimited slide space (slides don’t have real boundaries – by using zoom tool user can access additional space and zoom-in or zoom-out when necessary).

Organize your slides on a mind map

This tutorial for Final Argument illustrates how a user can arrange slides on a mind map in order to prepare the structure of the presentation. During the presentation, the map will always be visible to the user to help concentrating on the flow of argumentation.

Using the external screen

This video tutorial explains how to set up and use external screens/projectors using a wireless connection (AirPlay) and how to use the different modes of the external screen.

Record presentation as a screencast

This tutorial shows how Final Argument can be used to create an ‘after session’ takeaway in form of a video recording of your presentation. Recorded screencast can be exported in form of MP4 file (to cloud sources), uploaded to YouTube or saved in form of Explain Everything(tm) project (XPL file). The recording can also be saved as PDF document.

Integration with Explain Everything ™

Final Argument is a sister app to the whiteboard and screencasting tool Explain Everything. This tutorial shows how you can use content of Explain Everything projects as a slides in Final Argument, and how session recording can be exported in form of Explain Everything XPL file.