March 23rd, 2017 by Jakub Mastalerz

Explain Everything version 1.80 is out!

Explain Everything Interactive Whiteboard update to version 1.80 thumbnail

Explain Everything version 1.80 is now live in the App Store! Here are the most important changes that are coming with the update in our whiteboard app.

Voice Chat

Take full advantage of over-the-internet teamwork. Talk through ideas with collaborative session participants regardless of the distance. Now you can enable voice communication in the collaboration menu.

Snap to objects

Aligning pictures, text, drawings and all the other objects to each other is now easier than ever. Tap on the Hand Tool when selected and toggle Snap to objects option. Guidelines will appear each time you move an object to the center or the edge of another object and will snap it to them.

Delete Tool under the Inspector

Now you can remove objects from the stage without closing the Inspector. Tap on the object with the Inspector selected and tap on a bin icon to delete the object. This way you can remove multiple objects at once and continue arranging. Although we included this change in one of the previous updates we figured it needs an announcement.

New languages

Norwegian and French translations are now available!