August 21st, 2017 by Sean

Explain Everything Version 4.1.1 for iOS is Out Now!

Explain Everything update 4.1.1

From brand new updates and improvements to oft requested features, here are the updates in the freshly released Explain Everything v.4.1.1.

Subscription Only Features


Insert Image From Web

Quickly finding the right image for your Explain Everything project can be tricky. Especially when jumping back and forth between apps or browsers. We addressed that with the Clipart library and are taking it even further.

In 4.1.1, we’ve introduced the Insert Image From Web tool.  Tap the ‘+’ and then ‘Image From Web’. This feature gives you thousands of image options to enhance your projects at your fingertips from

Undo / Redo During Collaboration

Do you sorely miss the Undo / Redo feature when working in a collaboration? With the new update that feature is now available, just as if you were working within a solo project. Keep in mind that you can only Undo / Redo your actions, not those of your collaborators!

Features For Both Subscription and Classic


iPhone Landscape Orientation is Back – as Promised!

Need more canvas space to create or are your toolbars taking up too much of your screen? We’re thrilled to bring back landscape orientation on iPhone.  Now there’s more space to create, animate, and collaborate on mobile!

Apple Pencil Pressure Sensitivity Switch

Were your lines uneven and too wavy while writing with the Apple Pencil? By popular demand we’ve included an option to turn the Apple Pencil’s pressure sensitivity off in your Settings menu.