October 20th, 2016 by Jakub Mastalerz

Explain Everything for Chromebooks and Android Devices version 2.8 Preview

explain everything android and chrome os 2.8 preview

Explain Everything version 2.8 will be soon available from the Chrome Web Store and the Google Play Store. Here’s a preview of upcoming features and enhancements to our interactive whiteboard:

Automatic Google Drive Synchronization

Explain Everything can now synchronize your local projects with your Google Drive so now all your projects will be available from there if log in to your Google account on a different device (enabled by default on Chromebooks). When enabled Explain Everything will automatically export and upload a project to a folder in your Google Drive whenever you save it.

Mix Recording

With Mix recording mode you will now be able to layer and mix recordings in your projects. It enables new editing possibilities and makes the whole process more flexible. You will be able to add multi-layered animations (like scrolling backgrounds) and add a voiceover to the previously recorded animation (or the other way around if you prefer).

Auto Rotation

Speaking of animations, you will now be able to set automatic rotation for objects using the Inspector and its Set auto Rotation option. Select an object, tap on Set auto Rotation option under the Edit tab, swipe on the circumference of the control circle and voilà, your object will now rotate infinitely until you stop it with a tap on the center of the circle.

Watch the video below and see all the new features in action