Think together using Explain Everything

Over 3.5 million users build and share ideas with Explain Everything, the most advanced interactive screencasting whiteboard on the market. Now, ideas can be built and shared collaboratively in real-time using Explain Everything’s open-ended platform*.

With Explain Everything, users can work in small groups leveraging their talents and developing areas for growth. Work on the same slide view, on different sections of the same slides, or on different slides all while recording interactions and audio.

*currently available for iPad only, coming soon to other platforms


Team together to explore a challenging question or build meaningful content. With Explain Everything, a group can brainstorm collaboratively, annotate documents and images together, and capture conversations in real-time (iPad only for now). Group members can create assets and animate the objects together.


A group can build a storyboard or presentation together, with each member working on a different slide or part of a slide, or on different projects altogether. Content and ideas can be merged to form a single artifact of knowledge. Work with colleagues, classmate, teacher, and friends, in the same room as you or thousands of miles away.

Collaboration Sessions:

Can be joined with easy to share, unique CODEs

Can capture screen actions and recordings from all participants devices in realtime

Can be set to view-only mode so that participants can not change slides or manipulate content

Can be saved locally on participants devices if host allows it

see how it works

See how it works