presidential elections in the USA, explain everything

The Presidential Elections in the USA, Explained with Explain Everything

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United States presidential election. The presidential elections in the USA take place every four years. There are two main political parties in the United States: the Republicans and the Democrats. Each party must choose its candidate for the presidential elections…and from that point the whole complicated elections process starts. We could write a long essay, […]

Art team of Explain Everything

Behind the Scenes: Meet the Explain Everything Team! Part 1

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Our company’s mission is to define and support a new paradigm for knowledge building and sharing. Our latest efforts towards addressing this mission can be seen in Explain Everything Collaborative Whiteboard. Perhaps you have wondered about the people who actually build and maintain our products….so let us introduce you to some of the team members! […]

Draw tool: The real electronic ink

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We’ve come a long way since the first version of Explain Everything™ was released in August 2011. Believe it or not, the original plan was to create something really simple. An infinite canvas, object animation recording, and integration with multiple services were certainly satisfying accomplishments, but we realized wanted to achieve much more. Our own […]