Dr Martha Mead Elementary logo

Dr Martha Mead Elementary, San Antonio, Texas

“When we review our lesson on the screen through Explain Everything it makes the students feel important, powerful, and confident. It is an amazing tool that keeps all my lessons together.”

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Malton Schools

“The fact that I can make use of my hard work developing booklets, and convert them quickly into Explain Everything is amazing.”

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Community High School District 99

“As the need for educational apps increased, subscribing to the Explain Everything app addressed the challenge of promoting student collaboration in an interactive environment.”

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Villa Wewersbusch

“In 2015, the decision was made to abolish traditional school books and have the students be the producers of their own material. Therefore, Explain Everything has become a crucial part in our everyday school life.”

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OCMS Every Child

Oldham County Schools, La Grange, Kentucky

“The Explain Everything app has absolutely transformed my co-teaching and resource classrooms. My students are gaining independence in the educational setting, and becoming less teacher dependent in spite of their reading deficits.”

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