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Bring your videos to life in a flexible and interactive environment! Explain Everything’s infinite canvas and recording tools make creating whiteboard explainer videos a breeze.

Get ready

Download and install the Explain Everything Whiteboard on your device. You can use an iPad, Android tablet, or a Chromebook.

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Add content

Add any type of media, documents, text, highlights, or drawings. Don’t worry about the perfect setup, you can always expand your recording as you go.

Record in your own style

Creating videos in Explain Everything is easy regardless of how you want to go about it. You can either start by recording your audio first and add visuals later, narrate over animations, or record everything in one take.

Check out "Introduction to recording"

Add visuals to an existing audio

Record just your voice in the first take. On iOS you can drag and drop an audio file directly onto your Timeline. Mute your microphone and rewind to the beginning.

Set the Recording to Mix mode. Start recording and while the audio plays back, illustrate your words with drawings, animations, and media. Layer as many animations on top of each other as you need.

Add narration to visuals

Add your content first. You can use slides for chapter divisions or stick to a single slide that you’ll navigate around. You won’t run out of space as the canvas is unlimited.

Hit Record and add your narration. Move around the canvas with the Zoom tool or switch to the next slide. Draw your viewers’ attention with the laser pointer, highlights, and annotations.

Capture everything in one take

Create a live recording with both motion and audio combined at the same time. Make sure your microphone is not muted and simply hit Record.

Add content as you go. Import documents, pictures, clipart, and videos. Arrange elements with the Hand Tool and navigate around the slide with the Zoom tool. Explain Everything will capture all of that.

Edit, polish, and improve

We all make mistakes. Explain Everything makes it easy to fix them. If you feel like something could be better in your recording, simply edit it out. Trim, extend, redo the sketchy parts, and turn good into great.

Get videos to your students

Once your video is ready, Explain Everything makes it simple to share it. Create a Web Video Link in just two taps, upload your video to YouTube, or save it in your integrated cloud service.

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