Teach with a Mobile Interactive Whiteboard

Replace your static whiteboard, chalkboard, or smart board with an online whiteboard suited for a dynamic classroom. Get started with these six steps.

Get ready

Download and install the Explain Everything Whiteboard on your device. You can use an iPad, Android tablet, or a Chromebook.

Get Explain Everything

Untether your teaching in the classroom

Prepare your wireless video transmission. With an iPad, connect to a projector or TV set using Apple TV. With an Android device or Chromebook, use Chromecast.

Prepare your content in advance

Depending on your teaching style, you can start from scratch and explain by making illustrations on the spot or pre-prepare your content to have it at the ready. If the latter scenario works better for you, create a project on your device and put all the materials you want to make use of into it. Use the Add Media button.

Master the basic tools for presentation

Explain Everything is a powerful whiteboard, but you need only a few tools to be a master presenter. Make sure to learn how to move objects, annotate & draw, and pan through your content.

Change perspective when needed

Arrange your presentation using our virtually unlimited canvas. Use the Zoom tool and lay out your content so you may dynamically pan across the canvas while delivering your story. And if slides work better for you, you can simply stick with them to organize your presentation.

Go beyond presentation

Exceed the expectations of your students and make your classes unforgettable. Got a question about an assignment from a student? Import materials on the fly and explain them to your students visually! Record the explanation so your students can rewatch it anytime. With Explain Everything there are no limits on how you can teach.

Ask us anything

Meet with the creators of Explain Everything in person and learn more about how Explain Everything works.

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