Blending Leadership in K12 Education

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Opportunities and Realities For the past 15 years I have worked in a variety of K12 institutions and over the past 5 years I have also had the chance to teach at the graduate school level and start a company (called Explain Everything!). Nearly 100 years ago, John Dewey wrote about a belief that still […]

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The Creation of Explain Everything: Unintentional Design Thinking

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Design Thinking It’s been just about 5 years since me, Bartosz, and Piotr formed our initial partnership and within a few months launched the first version of Explain Everything. I have spent the past few years better understanding, experiencing, and ultimately teaching design thinking strategies to teachers, leaders, and organizations. Even though at the time […]

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Artists in Residence – Joanna Fields

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This Fall, we’ve invited New York City-based artists, illustrators, and animators to be Explain Everything Artists-in-Residence. They come into our NYC office and invite us into their creative process as they engage with our tools for the very first time. Our November Artist in Residence was Joanna Fields whose other work can be found at […]