Visualize, Connect, Doodle, Repeat- Sketchnoting with Students Using Explain Everything 2048

Visualize, Connect, Doodle, Repeat: Sketchnoting with Students Using Explain Everything

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We’re thrilled to present a guest blog post written by Carrie Baughcum, a special education teacher and blogger. Read about her first hand experience introducing sketchnoting into her classroom. Learning to sketchnote (visual note taking) in the classroom has been a journey for me and my students this year. Our journey began at the beginning […]

Sketchnoting without skills thumbnail graphic

Sketchnoting Without Skills

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We’re thrilled to welcome guest blogger Scott Sheeler, an Educational Technologist at Ohio State University, to discuss the benefits of sketchnoting! First off, I’m not much of an artist. When I think of art, I have a flash back to high school art class, which I only took because they wouldn’t let me take PE […]

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Explain Everything version 1.80 is out!

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Explain Everything version 1.80 is now live in the App Store! Here are the most important changes that are coming with the update in our whiteboard app. Voice Chat Take full advantage of over-the-internet teamwork. Talk through ideas with collaborative session participants regardless of the distance. Now you can enable voice communication in the collaboration […]

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February Recap

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Here is a recap of interesting posts and articles about Explain Everything with news from February. Visit us on Facebook, Google+, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram if you are looking for more information, updates, and code giveaways! Gary Daling is an English Teacher, Content Manager, and Education Technology Blogger. He listed Explain Everything [...]

New Multi-Touch Explain Everything User Manual

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We’re thrilled to present our brand new Explain Everything multi-touch user manual! The new book, available in the iBooks Store, is a detailed guide about the different tools, features, and uses of the app with a focus on educational contexts. The book features two main sections: tools and examples. The tools section is a complete […]