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Explain Everything 3.0 Now Available

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Explain Everything 3.0 is live! You can download it on the App Store or update it directly from your iPad.

Below we present a graphic to show how the app icon has changed over the past four years with each major updates. If you want to get the new icon and logo in high resolution, download them directly from these links: Explain Everything 3.0 icon, Explain Everything logo.

Explain Everything Icon Evolution

With all the new features in EE 3.0, we continue to aim to provide depth and choice for meaningful teaching and learning interactions while hopefully streamlining and simplifying the process. We have updated the overall interface and adjusted the export workflow. We wanted to provide users with a cleaner and more modern look.

With that in mind, we also introduced a simplified user interface (Simple UI) option. When activated, it hides some of the more advanced tools from the toolbar, leaving just enough to help a beginning user get started. The buttons are also slightly larger with this interface.

Version 3.0 now allows inserting and editing math equation objects. With a special math keyboard that shows up when choosing Insert Object > Math Equations, you are now able to create a math equation and even generate a graph! To make this function consistent with other tools and objects in EE, the generated graph becomes a separate object that you can customize by changing its scale or its color scheme.

If you have any questions or concerns, please use our support form on our website, in the app, or by emailing support@explaineverything.com. We will gladly help you! And if you have Explain Everything downloaded already, please leave a review and a rating — it really helps us grow. Thank you!

Download Explain Everything

Available for all major platforms